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develop awareness, knowledge and skills to foster inclusivity in your clinical practice

Consulting, Training, Coaching and Retreats


The Inclusive Wellness Project is a consulting group that specializes in fostering inclusive and affirming approaches for healthcare settings. Founded by Dr. Angela Koivula, Ph.D. (that's me on the right!) the purpose of this project is to increase conversations and dialogue around themes related to marginalization and oppression in all areas of health and wellness including the emotional, physical and psychological. As a queer, person of color, my experience in most healthcare settings has often been wrought with feeling invisible, dehumanized, marginalized and even ignored. Everyone from physicians, therapists, coaches and massage therapists, to name a few, have looked past parts of myself they do not understand and their silence as well as their frequent mistakes have contributed to harm. Others like me share in this often traumatizing experience. I founded The Inclusive Wellness Project hopes to challenge the silencing of difficult interactions like mine and many others by providing trainings, consulting, coaching and retreats to arm individuals with tools, skills and opportunities to try again and again with hopes of bridging the gap of difference due to fear and ignorance.  I believe in the humanity of people and I feel committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for all.

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Group therapy

Trainings and Workshops

Choose a training from our catalog or request a training specific to your organization. Schedule a consultation call to discuss your specific needs and interests.

Business Meeting

Workplace Consulting

Need some help fostering inclusivity from the inside out? No time like the present. Schedule a consultation call today and let's talk about ways we can support you!

Vacation Home


Looking for some dedicated time and space to connect with yourself and others on a shared journey? This is the space for you! Check back soon!

"Dr. Koivula allowed us the opportunity to have a safe learning environment to reflect on your own personal bias and beliefs"

Emily S. Workshop Attendee

our staff


Dr. Angela Koivula, Ph.D.

Dr. Angela Koivula is a licensed psychologist with over 15 years of experience in the field of mental health and a lifetime dedication to wellness and care for self. Her experience spans mental health care delivery on college campuses, community, and military settings; teaching and supervision in graduate and psychiatry programs; and workshops and training on the topics of health and wellness across the country. She specializes in providing inclusive and affirming services to individuals and organizations and has turned this clinical experience into a growing passion for changing the climate of healthcare. Her approach is relationally-centered and she works collaboratively with individuals, groups and organizations to help them achieve their goals of fostering and maintaining an inclusive environment.

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