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No project is too small or too large. We offer services to as few as one with our 1:1 coaching and consulting plans and as large as 500+ with keynotes and presentations to your group or organization that is looking for a large impact. We believe in creating inclusive spaces in all settings though specialize in making healthcare and wellness more affirming and encouraging wellness for all. Reach out today to discuss your specific needs!

workshops and Training

We want to help your organization thrive in its relationship with others. Whether it's clients, patients or the public at large we know how to help individuals open up around their areas of growth with topics such as inclusivity in a non-shaming manner. We help you identify strengths that have helped you achieve your current level of success and highlight blind spots within your current culture. We are hands on, intimate, personal and respectful in our efforts and prior clients identify us as people that talk with them rather than at.

Coaching & Consulting 

As mental health professionals we use our psychology skills as coaches and consultants to identify what is needed to move you toward your goals. Our services integrate the whole of a person and organization from the inside out, working with you as a collaborating partner. Maybe you're an organization that wants to start an incentive based workplace wellness initiative and not sure where to start or scared to offend or marginalize members of your staff. Maybe you are an individual starting a new business and want help making your paperwork, signage and office more inclusive and affirming. Our coaching and consulting services can assist you along the way in your endeavors to affirm your clients and colleagues to increase connection and safety. 

Keynote/ Speaking engagements

Dr. Koivula brings their own story to life in a way that motivates others. Her experience of intersecting identities as a Black and Queer professional with engaging presentation skills is a welcome addition to any future conference, training or podcast. Dr. Koivula talks with groups about mental health, wellness pursuits, self-confidence, financial planning, and her own experiences as a marginalized individual in the U.S. Healthcare System. 


We believe that sometimes stepping away from the day to day can help us not only recharge but also hone in on a single aspect with all our focus and energy. We have attended retreats as mental health professionals to assist our own growth and connection with others and re-instill motivation in the work we do. We like to offer retreat experiences to others for this same reason. We offer workshops and trainings to organizations looking to do intensive work over multiple days for growth and team building. We also offer retreats for couples looking to get support around their relationship in a dedicated and relaxed manner. In the future we plan to offer retreats for young mental health professionals looking for dedicated space to start their journeys into private practice. 

If you’d like more information about our Services, get in touch today! Or schedule a consultation call below if you're ready to get started!

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